What you Can Expect:

  • Big data analytics and sophisticated AI algorithms based on leading cyber security standards, protocols, and best practices

  • Robust Data from inside and outside your firewall

  • Credible, actionable intelligence that addresses all phases of your business

  • An elegant AI engine that constantly learns and adapts to morphing cyber threats

  • Step-by-step recommendations, specific to your business, for the best-possible cyber security management, legal, insurance, and technology solutions

  • A tailored solution that best fits the needs of your business



Introducing CLAIRE:

CyberLucent’s Artificial Intelligence Risk Evaluator.

Our data analytics and AI engine “CLAIRE[1]” is trained by a multi-disciplinary teams of cyber risk experts,

Using an array of CLAIRE™ sensors, we uniquely measure signals from inside the firewall and out. This gives CLAIRE the ability to analyze metadata elements and trends such as user behavior, time of day to identify and isolate areas of concern. Sorting through immense data sets on a daily basis, CLAIRE provides a rolling 30 day average assessment of cyber risk specific to the elements present inside and outside your network—your LucidScore.

The LucidScore is generated by assessing your organization’s vulnerabilities, the threats you face and the cost or consequence of a successful attack. Logging into LucidScore.AI provides your company with both summary and granular details of the cyber risk your business faces presenting contextual, weighted and prioritized recommendations. 

 Are your employees accessing dangerous sites? Are they vulnerable to phishing attacks? Are your perimeter defenses properly configured? Are you able to respond and recover when you are eventually the victim of a successful attack? Is your software up to date and resilient in the face of new and emerging threats?


CyberLucent provides simple-to-understand prioritized and actionable risk indications presented in the industry leading Cyber Security Framework developed by the US National Institute for Standards and Technology. Designed for business leaders to understand risk on your terms, it is also detailed and granular enough for staff on the front line of cyber defence, driving an aligned action plan for businesses to quickly and cost-effectively address risk in a prioritized way, delivering maximum impact with minimum resource allocations.


Step 1: Install CLAIRESensor™

We will install CyberLucent’s proprietary software, CLAIREsensor™, on your network.


Step 4: Ecosystem Partner Solutions

Our ecosystem partners deliver the recommended risk management and mitigation solutions at lower costs by using analysis provided by CLAIRE (CyberLucent Artificial Intelligence Risk Evaluator).


We collect and analyze massive amounts of data from inside your firewall for 30 to 60 days, augmented with data from outside your firewall.


Step 5: Ongoing Monitoring

We never rest. We rigorously follow these essential steps to ensure that your business is aware, equipped, insured and ready for the next generation of threats. Our ongoing monitoring service includes a monthly client review session to discuss key results and highlight recommendations.

Step 3: Analyze, Score, Recommend

We generate your LucidScore, which includes a comprehensive quantitative risk assessment that ranks you against your industry worldwide. We then develop a cybersecurity blueprint, which identifies risk areas and prioritized actionable solutions.