Cyber business risk is incredibly complex. Previously, there was no way for executives to measure and assess cyber risk in a continuous or predictive way. As a result, companies often over spend for the wrong solutions, rely on ineffective insurance coverages, and remain under protected. With cyber risks continuing to grow in both frequency and scope, organizations must adopt a proactive approach to risk management.

Now there is CyberLucent. Unlike other providers, we passively assess risk from inside and outside the firewall, using artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive 360 degree view of risk factors. This allows our clients to make smarter decisions regarding their security solutions, insurance, and practices.



With sensors both inside the firewall and out, we generate tremendous amounts of data and insight into the functioning of your network. We use big data, the latest data analytics, and machine learning tools to detect, categorize, and assess anomalies and trends. We have entered into partnerships with Concordia and Carleton Universities--both leaders in cyber security and Artificial Intelligence--to deliver the most insightful risk assessments.



We embrace open source in all our sensors. Source code may be viewed online at any time. Further, we present risk assessments in the industry standard for cyber security the NIST Cyber Security Framework. We also pull from the Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls (CIS CSC); ISO27001; Common Criteria and more. Most important, we only read meta data from your network traffic ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your corporate information – we never see that.



To take effective action quickly, the nature of risks and threats must be understood at all levels of the organization. Details matter. With our detailed findings and recommendations, leadership teams can delegate easily and quickly. With ongoing continual assessment, changes will be reflected in the LucidScore and assessments for accountability and reporting.